Wanda Lawrence

  • commented on Work should not be a barrier when escaping domestic abuse 2016-12-06 22:22:55 -0700
    Having lived in domestic abuse until I was 44, I can accept the 5 days leave to not lose ones job but I also can see this being abused too from some women whom are unable to seriously leave the abuse whom will apply for it numerous times . Most take two to three attempts to leave before they are successful and some of us never get the strength for we are too broken and are energy is used to simply exist , where the only thing that sets us free is the abuser ending it, as was in my case . I do not feel it should fall upon an employer to pay for it though . We can not expect employers to carry the financial weight of individuals choices out side the work area . Odd employer may have the means to help out but the average employer no. This is a band aid for a growing problem.

    I lost my business when I had to go into hiding from an abusive spouse , 5 days pay when many need to actaully relocate, so as to not be found from the abuser . Better laws to protect is more important. , restraining laws are a joke, Tired of band aid solutions after the fact . Want to hep domestic violence/rapes then teach males how to respect women young up and women how to set healthy boundaries. Right now we are teaching how to be a me, me self centered society, not how to work as a team , how to respect others boundaries , how to be responsibly for our own individual actions .