Know Your Rights

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The information below is not intended as legal advice. The Alberta Federation of Labour is a non-governmental umbrella organization of unions. For questions visit the Alberta Employment Standards website or call the province-wide Employment Standards number toll-free by dialing 310-0000, then dialing (780) 427-3731.

Workers in Alberta have rights at work that are protected by law. This section is intended to empower workers to know and demand their rights, and to give them the tools to exercise the rights they have as workers.

These standards are the minimum required by law, and you as an employee cannot sign them away. The Employment Standards Code states clearly:

An agreement that this Act or a provision of it does not apply, or that the remedies provided by it are not to be available for an employee, is against public policy and void.

The information contained below applies to almost all workers in Alberta, but is intended primarily for workers who do not belong to unions. Unionized workers should check their collective agreement or talk to their shop steward or union representative to find out what their rights at work are. Most collective agreements give the workers rights that go beyond the minimum level set by law.

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