Who is Covered?

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Almost all employees in Alberta fall under the jurisdiction of provincial labour standards. Only about 10 per cent of workers are covered under federal employment laws, including those people who work directly for the federal government or work in:

  • Most federal Crown Corporations and federal Special Operating Agencies and private businesses necessary for the operation of a federal Act;
  • Interprovincial trucking;
  • Interprovincial shipping, ports, canals, tunnels and bridges;
  • Air transportation, including airlines, airports and aerodromes;
  • Railways;
  • Telephone, telegraph and cable systems;
  • Radio and television broadcasting (including cablevision);
  • Banks;
  • Grain elevators and feed and seed mills;
  • Uranium mining and processing;
  • Business dealing with protection of fisheries as a natural resource;
  • Many First Nations activities.

Almost all other employees are covered by provincial labour legislation, but there are exceptions depending on particular sections of the act, which affect:

  • employees on a farm or a ranch;
  • various types of salespersons;
  • professionals such as real estate brokers, and licensed insurance and securities salespersons;
  • professions such as architects, engineers, lawyers, psychologists and information systems professionals;
  • managers, supervisors and those employed in a confidential capacity
  • licensed land agents;
  • instructors or counsellors at a non-profit educational or recreational camp;
  • extras in a film or video production;
  • employees covered by other Acts (e.g., academic staff);
  • municipal police officers.