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Opening Statement NEB Hearing Order OH-1-2007
Presentations 07 Dec, 2009 Keystone Pipeline, TransCanada Corp., Oil Sands and Energy
2004 January Analysis AB New Health and Safety Code Highlights and Low Lights
Presentations 04 Nov, 2009 Worker Health and Safety
2009 July OH&S Code Summary of Changes
Presentations 01 Jul, 2009 Worker Health and Safety
2008 November Response to Report to AB/BC Joint Expert Panel on Pension Standards
Presentations 14 Nov, 2008 Pensions and Benefits
2008 April Presentation House of Commons Standing Committee on Immigration
Presentations 01 Apr, 2008 immigration, temporary foreign workers
2008 March Submission to AB/BC Pension Standards Review Joint Panel Mar 2008
Presentations 14 Mar, 2008 Pensions and Benefits
2007 May Presentation Alberta Royalty Review
Presentations 23 May, 2007 royalties, Oil Sands and Energy
2007 April Presentation Multi-Stakeholder Committee on Oil Sands
Presentations 21 Apr, 2007 royalties, Oil Sands and Energy
2007 March Proposals to OH&S Code Pre-Review Process
Presentations 01 Mar, 2007 Worker Health and Safety
2006 September Presentation Oil Sands Development Hearings
Presentations 27 Sep, 2006 royalties, Oil Sands and Energy
2006 April Presentation Real Costs of Third Way
Presentations 12 Apr, 2006 Health Care
2005 September Presentation Edm City Council Transfer of Drainage Assets to EPCOR
Presentations 27 Sep, 2005 EPCOR, Privatization and Deregulation
2000 May Discussion Paper Response Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee Regulations
Presentations 01 May, 2005 joint worksite health and safety committees, Worker Health and Safety
2003 November Response to Administrative Fines Discussion Paper
Presentations 01 Nov, 2003 Worker Health and Safety
2002 October LCP Presentation Standing Policy Committee on Economic Development
Presentations 07 Oct, 2002 Pensions and Benefits
2002 June Brief Pay Equity Task Force
Presentations 01 Jun, 2002 pay equity, Wages
2002 April Presentation Commission on Future of Health Care in Canada
Presentations 30 Apr, 2002 Health Care
2002 April Presentation Public Hearings on the G8 Summit Agenda and the North American Relationship
Presentations 01 Apr, 2002 Trade and Globalization
2001 July Response Low Incomes Programs Review
Presentations 01 Jul, 2001 Health Care, Child Care, Wages
2000 October Minority Report General Safety Regulation Task Force Working Alone Provisions
Presentations 01 Oct, 2000 working alone provision, Labour Rights Standards and Law, Worker Health and Safety
2000 August Response Proposed Bill 11 Regulations
Presentations 11 Aug, 2000 Health Care
2000 May Proposal General Safety Regulation Task Force: Working Alone Proposal
Presentations 01 May, 2000 working alone provision, Worker Health and Safety
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