Shelly Walton

  • commented on TFWP! 2015-06-26 09:43:48 -0600
    I myself have reported several companies through the Government website and to date there has been nothing done about it, whatsoever. I personally know people in this community who have been out of work for extended periods of time and have been applying for job after job after job and do not so much as receive a call for an interview from any of the employers. It is an outrage to watch what is happening and there is nothing being done about it. I have sent in correspondence to the MLA’s office, to the Alberta Federation of Labour Office to the Alberta Labour Minister’s office and no steps have been taken towards any of these employers. The treatment of some of the applicants, if they do get an interview, by the interviewees is clearly intended to ensure that nobody would want the job. A recent ad placed on the Government of Canada Job Bank was seeking five people for warehouse positions with forklift experience for “Weekend, Days.” A Canadian received an interview. During the interview the interviewee advised the interviewer that he was available to work immediately and could work weekends. The interviewer rudely told him that "He did not get to decide what shifts he worked and that they would tell him what shifts he would work. If they wanted him to work weekend he would work weekends, if they wanted him to work nights he would work nights, if they wanted him to work extended hours in a shift he would be required to do so. The interviewee advised that he did not mind working some shift work but could not work a permanent night shift as he had other responsibilities as well. The interviewer told him that he should just keep looking then. Let me add, the facility was full of people who by the lack of English skills and ethnicity all appeared to immigrant workers, and we are certain likely through the TFWP. It is also very likely that this company recently lost several of their TFWs because they were required to leave under the rules of the program and are simply going through the motions required by the Government in order to apply for new ones. It is absolutely appalling that the Government requirements of employers to advise whether there were any Canadians qualified for the job is all based on employer self reporting is absolutely ridiculous and any idiot knows that the employers simply have to say, No, sorry, no qualified Canadian applied. People are running out of EI, they are having to apply for Income Support at $627.00 per month to cover food, shelter, utilities, gas, and all other living expenses. It is disgusting how people are being treated by employers and despite the assertions that there are training programs for unemployed or under employed Canadians to assist them to get back into the workplace, they are denied access to any of these programs.