Alberta Federation of Labour Statement in Solidarity with People Protesting Systemic Racism

Forgotten workers caring for Alberta’s most vulnerable are being left out by UCP policies and programs

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Alberta labour leaders demand that Kenney not stand in the way of paid sick leave for all

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Unions say Bill 1 could make Alberta a 'police state'

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Public Education During a Crisis: Kenney Escalates His Attacks on Public Education During COVID-19

Kenney’s 'Trumpian' narrative that COVID-19 is a disease of the elderly will lead to more infections and deaths

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Child Care is crucial for Alberta’s economic recovery

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As Albertans return to work, AFL publishes list of 100 jobs where COVID-19 risk is highest

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As Albertans return to work, who is at the highest risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus?

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Alberta unions urge Kenney government to delay re-opening the economy by one month

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