Leader of Alberta’s labour movement urges federal government to say 'no' to Jason Kenney’s plea for cash

McGowan will deliver his message at a meeting of union leaders and activists in Winnipeg today Read more

UCP government creating policies that will contribute to gender inequality

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UCP is using a report that government experts characterized as “poor quality” and “highly inaccurate” to justify deep cuts to health care

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Black Friday takes on a new meaning as Jason Kenney’s budget cuts lead to the loss of at least 750 nursing jobs

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AFL says UCP will soon add a “worker gag law” to its growing list of anti-democratic actions

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Government rolls back rights of agriculture workers in Alberta even further than they were before Bill 6

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Union leaders tell UCP: ‘The money saved by Albertans for retirement belongs to them, not to you!’

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Alberta’s premier is doing what even Trump wouldn’t do – he wants to fire the man investigating him

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Unions warn that Kenney government is about to weaken workplace safety protections as part of so-called “Red Tape Review”

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UCP signals intent to roll back protections for Alberta workers

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