Anti-union policy is at the heart of the Conservative party

This election, vote against the Conservatives and American-style right-to-work laws Read more

Unions release top 10 list of “lies and distortions” being used by UCP to justify cuts

McGowan urges citizens and reporters to use the list as protection against the “avalanche of bulls#%t that the UCP is about to dump on our province” Read more

Top 10 lies and distortions the UCP is using to justify cuts

Arm yourself against the “avalanche of bulls#%t ” the Kenney government is about to dump on our province Read more

Innocuous-sounding program announced today is really aimed at busting unions and suppressing wages, says AFL

EDMONTON – The innocuous-sounding “Employee Labour Relations Support Program,” announced today by the UCP, is really a union-busting initiative and part of a larger wage suppression agenda being pursued by the Kenney government, says the president of Alberta largest worker advocacy organization. Read more

Life is harder for Alberta’s minimum wage workers this October 1

Wage cuts for some, a freeze for the first time this decade for everyone else Read more

Joining in Solidarity with the Youth-Led Global Climate Strike

A Statement from Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan Read more


Did you know? You can vote ANY day of the election up until October 15th You can register to vote when you arrive at the polling station Federal election rules are different than Alberta’s recent provincial election. Find out more on how best to prepare to vote below. Read more

Early childhood education and care reduces gender inequality

An essential part of achieving gender equality is access to affordable early childhood education and care. Read more

We thank grandparents for their child care work on Grandparents Day

We appreciate all the child care work grandparents do, but it doesn’t have to be this hard. Read more

MacKinnon report a prescription for disaster, says Gil McGowan

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