Kenney’s moves on trade puts ideology over Alberta workers

Gil McGowan, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour, today made the following statement: Read more

Canada’s labour leaders encourage premiers to embrace universal pharmacare

SASKATOON – The presidents of federations of labour from across the country are in Saskatoon during the Council of the Federation meeting to encourage Canada’s premiers to embrace a public, single-payer, universal pharmacare program. Read more

Province-wide community BBQs to highlight fact investing in a universal child care program means investing in women

Alberta Federation of Labour hosts free BBQs in St. Albert, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Fort McMurray to highlight the value of high-quality centre-based child care for women Read more

Kenney shows contempt for workers and democracy

“What the UCP did in the Legislature last night was outrageous and insulting. And the bill they passed is illegal.” Read more

“If the UCP really wants to reassure public sector workers, they’d amend Bill 9”

AFL president calls on Premier to remove clause that gives cabinet “backdoor powers” to impose wage cuts Read more

“Bully bill” will give UCP power to impose wage cuts without negotiation

Kenney government trying to bypass both arbitration and bargaining, says AFL Read more

Alberta unions unite against UCP “bully bill” aimed at breaking legally-binding contracts

Labour leaders present united front against UCP’s latest attack on worker rights and collective bargaining Read more

Bill 2: Tipping the Scales in Alberta Labour Relations | UCP changes to union certification rules permit greater levels of employer interference that weaken the ability of worker’s to choose a union

Bill 2—Labour Law Changes Read more

International experience shows youth wages kill jobs for older workers

Alberta Federation of Labour report debunks UCP’s youth minimum wage Read more

UCP's youth minimum wage cut regressive, discriminatory and will increase unemployment for 18-24 year-olds | Alberta Federation of Labour’s report looks at the effects of the Bill 2 minimum wage cut

The UCP government just tabled Bill 2, an attack on workers’ rights which included cutting the minimum wage for people under the age of 18 by $2. Read more