Labour Bytes: July 2016

Labour Bytes: April 2016

Rules that protect Canadians from being passed over for TFWs are not ‘silly’

The federal government should not relax safeguards designed to protect Canadian workers Read more

Pension report shows resilience of well-managed defined-benefit plans

LAPP’s 97 per cent funding level repudiates Tory fearmongering about impending financial collapse Read more

Liberal Government quietly breaking promises on TFWP

Trudeau eases guest worker hiring regulation intended to protect Canadian jobs Read more

AFL calls on Prime Minister to fire Canada Post CEO over manufactured crisis

Completely unnecessary lockout and service interruption the result of ‘toxic combination of ideology and ego’ Read more

Businesses should not fear $15 minimum wage

Wage increase would be ‘a rising tide that lifts all boats’ Read more

$15-an-hour minimum wage would be billion dollar boost to the provincial economy

A higher minimum wage could boost the provincial economy according to a study from the 15 is Fair campaign. Read more

Minimum wage hike would boost Alberta’s economy by almost a billion dollars

Research shows economic benefits of plan to increase minimum wage to $15 an hour Read more

Police must deal with those who put female politicians in the crosshairs

AFL condemns violent hate speech against women in politics Read more