Statement from AFL President Gil McGowan on International Workers' Day

Edmonton – May Day is a day to pay homage to workers worldwide who have fought for basic workers’ rights that so many now take for granted. Read more

Hope on this year’s Day of Mourning: The Government of Alberta made workplaces safer in 2018

With new policies and joint workplace health and safety committees, Alberta workers see a safer future as they mourn for past losses  Read more

REPORT: Budget 2018 needs to address the elephant in the room

Alberta’s largest worker advocacy group warns government of dire consequences for ignoring revenue hole created by irresponsible Klein-era tax cuts Read more

Alberta Women still behind on International Women’s Day

Alberta Federation of Labour calls on government to introduce Pay Equity, Universal Child Care, and Domestic Violence legislation to close the gap between Alberta’s men and women Read more

Workers Left Out of Bilateral Child Care Agreement

Governments must do more to raise the floor for ECEC sector workers Read more

Worker Organization Urges Kenney to Fire Nixon Over his Role in Sexual Harassment Case

“Nixon is walking, talking proof of why we need tougher laws against sexual harassment.” Read more

“Me Too” campaign exposes pervasive problem of abuse against women, including workplace abuse

Employers must step up to the plate with training, policies, and support to protect workers from gendered violence and abuse at work, and to support survivors Read more

Bill 30 Will Empower Workers and Save Lives

Long overdue changes will give workers the tools and supports they need to stay safe on the job Read more

Alberta’s Coal Transition Plan a Step in Right Direction for Coal Workers

Coal Transition Coalition commends province for moving forward, calls for federal government support Read more

AFL applauds pay-before-you-pump law, but says more needs to be done to protect gas station and convenience store workers

Edmonton - The pay-before-you-pump rules contained in Bill 19 will save lives by eliminating gas-and-dash deaths, but more work is needed to protect gas station and convenience store workers from the dangers of working alone, says Alberta’s largest worker advocacy organization. Read more