Ki Yun Jo’s Gas-and-Dash Death Didn’t Have to Happen

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Evidence shows a $15 Minimum Wage will be good for Alberta’s economy

Newly released business community reports are raising the alarm on the impact minimum wage increases could have on youth employment. Yet here in Alberta, the employment of 15-24 year olds is more directed by the recession than to minimum wage increases. Read more

Alberta Needs Gas-and-Dash Laws

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Celebrating Farm Workers Day 2017

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Alberta Government’s OHS Review Welcome, Long Overdue

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Brian Jean’s Platform Would Make Recession Worse

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Labour Leaders to Premiers: Collective Bargaining, Better Labour Laws Good for the Economy

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Canada’s Labour Leaders to the Premiers: Canadians Need Life-Saving Pharmacare Plan

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Workers Compensation Reforms Desperately Needed and Long Overdue

Liberal Child Care Announcement Falls Short of Growing Need

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