Working retail in the middle of the night needs to be treated as a workplace risk

Killings of two convenience store workers prompts call for action on late night workplace safety Read more

The fight for $15

According to Statistics Canada, Alberta has the highest Consumer Price Index in the country, and remains the most expensive province in which to live. This expense should be reflected in higher wages for all workers in the province – including those who are on the minimum wage. After decades of allowing inflation to undermine the existing minimum wage, Alberta’s government has shown leadership by taking steps towards implementing a minimum wage of $15 an hour – which is more reflective of the true cost of living and working in the province. Read more

Bill 6 Is About Workers

Bill 6 Is About Workers Read more

Inequality a root cause of negative anti-women attitudes that lead to violence

Inequality a root cause of negative anti-women attitudes that lead to violence Read more

Workers mourn agricultural fatalities

Workers mourn agricultural fatalities Read more

Bill 6 FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Bill 6 - Enhanced Protection of Farm and Ranch Workers Act Read more

Fighting for workers' rights in Alberta's agricultural sector

   More than 50,000 Albertans work in the agricultural sector. They account for 2.6 per cent of our workforce — and until this legislation was introduced, they had few legal protections in their workplace. One in five agricultural workers in Alberta work at worksites with more than 20 employees. Read more

AFL applauds inclusion of Alberta's agricultural sector in workplace laws

“The inclusion of agricultural workers in Alberta’s workplace laws is a victory for all workers” Read more

TPP erodes labour rights

Deal bad for Canadian workers, great for foreign corporate giants   Read more

Workplaces key in mental health

AFL urges workplace focus in government’s mental health care review Read more