Albertans will pay a steep price as Kenney continues to follow Trump’s playbook on COVID, says AFL president

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Kenney Government guts Workers’ Compensation and workplace safety protections under the guise of “red tape reduction”

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While Kenney prepares to silence unions, it’s becoming clearer that corporate-sponsored pro-UCP PACs will be unleashed to do more of the UCP’s political dirty work

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Working Albertans will have a worse ‘Case of the Mondays’ today thanks to Jason Kenney

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The UCP Fails on Child Care: Letting Down Albertans Again

‘It’s time for all Albertans to stand up to the bully,’ say unions

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All Alberta unions stand in solidarity with striking health care workers

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UCP child care report highlights frustrations with no real solutions

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Kenney’s draconian cuts will destroy public health care during a pandemic and tank our economy during a recession

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New website will catalogue all of Jason Kenney’s ‘unAlbertan’ and ‘deeply disturbing’ cuts and policies

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