UCP government using pandemic to make ideological changes to workplace rules

New changes to the Employment Standards Code gives employers unnecessary and outrageous advantage Read more

AFL outlines six ways to improve the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit COVID-19

Six ways to improve the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit COVID-19

Child care is an essential service for Albertans during this crisis, and always

COVID-19 has exposed gaps and a lack of child care for Alberta workers, which is only exasperated by a public health emergency Read more

Public Education During a Crisis: COVID-19 Arrives in Alberta

*The Alberta Federation of Labour is producing a blog series which looks at what happens to public education during a time of crisis. We will evaluate what the Alberta government is doing during this global pandemic, and examine how governments can choose to either strengthen our public system, or use a time of crisis as a catalyst to attack, undermine, and privatize our public education. This is the first of the series, laying the groundwork for how we got from COVID-19 first arriving here in Alberta to where we are today.   Read more

UCP's decision to axe 20,000 education jobs during a crisis will set families adrift and further damage the economy, says AFL

AFL calls for stronger wage subsidy program to ensure jobs and employment for Albertans

Canada should copy bold programs in countries like Denmark Read more

Many employers are not following government guidelines on COVID-19. What is the UCP going to do about it?

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Alberta unions offer alternative plan for dealing with COVID-19 crisis and oil price crash

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Alberta lacks ‘surge capacity’ in health care system because of past cuts

Kenney government needs to open more acute care and intensive care hospital beds – STAT! Read more