Three global economic facts Alberta workers need to know

Kenney’s proposed corporate tax cuts are “snake oil” that will make our economy sicker, not healthier

AFL releases links to 75 articles illustrating the folly of “trickle down” policies, including Trump’s failed tax plan Read more

Time to Get Ready: Political Action Training Forums

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! If you are a Union registering your members please use this form. If you are registering yourself, please use this form. The Alberta Federation of Labour is holding Political Action Training Forums in Edmonton and Calgary to help labour activists get ready for the upcoming election. These forums will provide introductory sessions which will cover an overview of electoral campaigns and the essential tools needed for labour activists wanting to get involved in supporting a labour-friendly candidate’s municipal, provincial or federal election campaign. Participants will learn about voting in the election, gain hands-on training for member to member campaigning and take away an informed understanding of what needs to be done when volunteering for a campaign. Posters for the events are available for sharing: Edmonton - March 26 Calgary - March 28 Poster with both events listed is available here.    

NDP policies allow Alberta to halve child poverty rates even during a recession

Poverty rate for persons under 18 has been cut in half since 2015 Read more

Premier Notley’s methanol plant agreement great news for workers and Alberta’s economy

$2-billion private sector investment will create jobs and add value to Alberta’s energy resources Read more

Alberta’s health care administration costs lowest in Canada

Data reveals Alberta’s health care expense is below all Canadian provinces, national average  Read more

Big Surprise! Restaurants Canada is back again with another campaign opposing Alberta’s minimum wage and workplace reforms

‘Restaurant Realities’ campaign is predictable given that the reality is that Restaurants Canada NEVER believes it is time to support changes that benefit workers in the industry Read more

Government decision banning mandatory high heels in the workplace is great news for workers

The Alberta Federation of Labour is partnering with hospitality workers on “Fairness for Alberta’s Restaurant Workers campaign” Read more

Alberta’s largest worker advocacy group calls on public institutions across the province to study impacts of potential budget cuts

Albertans deserve to know what budget cuts likely under a UCP government would mean for services Read more

With Jason Kenney as premier Albertans would get lower wages and fewer rights

Kenney pledged to business audience to roll back rights and protections at work; eliminate health and safety protections; and implement massive cuts to public services. All without consultation. Read more