AFL demands independent investigation into the deaths of three CP Rail Calgary workers

Statement from the Alberta Federation of Labour Read more

Kenney’s “red tape reduction” is really a war on rules that protect citizens

In most cases, what Kenney and the UCP government call red tape are often important regulatory rules designed to protect consumers, workers, and the environment. Kenney’s “red tape reduction” is synonymous with deregulation; which has had disastrous impacts for people all over the world. Ultimately, deregulation helps private interests make money by exploiting, endangering and taking advantage of ordinary citizens. Read more

While Canada reports a decent jobs rebound, Alberta’s unemployment rises

‘Where are the jobs, Jason?’ says Gil McGowan, AFL president Read more

The UCP weaken safety rules that protect working Albertans

Statement from Gil McGowan, President, Alberta Federation of Labour Read more

Leader of Alberta’s labour movement urges federal government to say 'no' to Jason Kenney’s plea for cash

McGowan will deliver his message at a meeting of union leaders and activists in Winnipeg today Read more

UCP government creating policies that will contribute to gender inequality

On this day, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, the AFL demands action on gender inequality in Alberta Read more

UCP is using a report that government experts characterized as “poor quality” and “highly inaccurate” to justify deep cuts to health care

Documents obtained through Freedom of Information paint a picture of the UCP’s willingness to use shoddy data to support pre-ordained conclusions Read more

Black Friday takes on a new meaning as Jason Kenney’s budget cuts lead to the loss of at least 750 nursing jobs

Statement from Gil McGowan, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour Read more

AFL says UCP will soon add a “worker gag law” to its growing list of anti-democratic actions

Legislation will be designed to silence workers and undermine union advocacy campaigns Read more

Government rolls back rights of agriculture workers in Alberta even further than they were before Bill 6

Statement from AFL president Gil McGowan on new UCP farm workers bill Read more